Digital Products Package

$1000/mo + 10% Profit Share

Facebook Ads Management Only

We help you scale your digital product and reach new audiences interested and ready to buy your product. We handle your complete advertising campaigns and give you back the luxury of your time, money and energy. Your success is our success and we take getting consistent sales for your digital products serious.

Who is this option for? This option is best for course creators, creatives and service-based business owners with digital products that want to increase their sales and scale their products.

Sales Review A thorough review over your business and what you are currently doing with your Facebook Advertising. We will review what you were doing and improving upon it by changing what is necessary to get your brand conversions on Facebook. Our first initiative will be testing and discovering what works.

Ad Account Manager & Point of Contact Our team strives to actively communicate with our client-partners and deliver the best customer service possible.

Messenger Access You will have full messenger access to us Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Required Ad Budget Must have at least $1000-$1500/month advertising budget for Facebook Ads (On top of the Ad Agency fee). We start off small and work our way up through testing to discover what works best for your business's products and services.


Must agree NEVER to make changes in your ad account or interfere with our strategies. This rule is strict. 

How Does Profit Share Work?

Profit Share is a performance based monthly plan. Each month that you make back in profit your Agency Fee from us servicing your ads, all additional profit 10% is shared. For example, let's say you profit $10,000 in a month. Your Profit Share owed will be 10% of $9,000 instead of 10% of $10,000. We want our service to eventually pay for itself while we focus on scaling on your brand to the next level. These numbers are solely based off of your ad account numbers. We do not partake in profits generated by your other marketing avenues.

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