How do I explain my details for each project before I order? 

Once you make a purchase, we set up a 30min call to discuss the scope of the project and send out a detail form to your email or text to the number that you provided so that we can get the specific details for the project. After that we get to work providing you with a speedy and effective service.


How long do you run ads for your clients?

We typically run ads for 3 months for the price we charge unless the client decides to opt-in for a longer duration.

Is Ad Spend included in the price for running Facebook and Instagram ads?

No, it will be a separate charge that you will have to pay to Facebook with the card that you have on file in your business

manager or ad manager account.

How do we contact you? 

You can contact us multiple ways. You can call us at 410-775-6803, contact us through our contact page, or by our messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen which sends a message to our Facebook Business Page. Also, you can send us an email at, you can do whichever works for you!

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