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Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Decisive Marketing Solutions is to deliver amazing web solutions and expertise with integrity to help our clients establish a strong online presence, increase profitability and reach their specific goals.



Founder of Decisive Marketing Solutions

Hi, my name is Antoine Harris, founder of Decisive Marketing Solutions. I am a professional website designer and strategist with a passion for creating amazing web experiences.

I love creating lead generating websites and Facebook ads! I also love seeing small business owners win and I am grateful to be able to play a part in helping so many creative service providers win online.

It feels good to be doing what I love and making a major impact to my community at the same time. I use tried and true strategies to help my clients build a strong brand through their website while increasing their leads and sales.

I primarily work with 2 types of clients:

1.) 4-5 figure service providing brands that operate in their zone of genius that want to get an awesome website with a dope experience from the get-go.

2.) 4-5 figure service providers that recognize their worth and want to revamp their website to a more professional feel that matches the new direction of their business. In order to reach a new level of clientele and an increase in profits for their business.

Dynamic websites are a powerful component and the lifeblood of a successful business. It should be seen as an investment in your business's growth.

At Decisive Marketing Solutions, I believe that an excellent organic web presence, great positioning and paid advertising are monumental keys that lead to success in growing a strategic brand online.
I love contributing to the world in a positive way by adding value to people's lives and making an impact. Also, I am senior at Morgan State University majoring in Marketing. (Go Bears!) Just thought I'll throw that in there! Now when you are ready....