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My mission has always been to provide the best results possible and deliver unrivaled expertise to every client through our services.


Founder of Decisive Marketing Solutions

Hi, my name is Antoine Harris, Founder of Decisive Marketing Solutions. I am a Facebook ad specialist and digital marketing consultant that provides proven growth strategies through social media. I primarily work with service-based business owners that need brand awareness and an increase in leads for their business. Marketing is a powerful component and the lifeblood of a business. It should be seen as an investment in your business's growth. At Decisive Marketing Solutions we believe in tried and true approaches to growing a brand by using deliberate social media marketing methods that lead to success.


My passion for marketing and paid advertising came after I created my real estate business in 2018. I struggled finding leads and converting them because I had no clear direction and really had no clue how to create a marketing plan to attract my target customer. I learned so much about Facebook/Instagram and building a business since then such as how to grow and nurture leads through organic marketing and paid advertising over the last two years. Now, my overall goal is to help others, share my knowledge and create a clear marketing path for service based business owners that struggle with lead generation and fully monetizing their brand.


I love contributing to the world in a positive way by adding value to people's lives and making an impact. Also, I am majoring in Marketing at Morgan State University (Go Bears!) just thought I'll throw that in there. I use my knowledge and expertise to create strategic social media marketing plans and profitable solutions to elevate your business to the next level. Me and my team will go above and beyond to solve all of the individual challenges that you face in your business. By the way it's nice to meet you! Now....

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