The Top 3 Content Distribution Channels

When marketing there are 3 top content distribution channels that business owners and marketers utilize to attract their target audience!

The first is obvious which is Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. They allow you to gain friends and followers who after being nurtured with content can turn into paying customers. Just remember nurturing doesn't mean sell, sell, sell it means mixing sales pitches with valuable content that your target audience can resonate with. Once they love your content it allows them to put their guard down and trust you. Building trust is very important in business. Did you ever hear the phrase, Content is King? Well, it's true for building an audience. Use it and be genuine!

Second, is your Website or Blog which is very important because it's your way of explaining your business to your potential customers. Also, because of a concept called search engine optimization (SEO). The SEO process in layman's terms is Google tracks the words that you have on your website or blog and uses each word as a search term. When customers search certain keywords into Google if they are on your page then your website will pop up in the search results. Optimizing or selectively picking the most sought out words on your website or blog will allow your website to rank higher in the Google search engine based on your SEO efforts.

To find the best keywords one of the best resources is Google Keyword Planner. Keep in mind you have to setup a Google account to use it but you don't have to run any ads to use the keyword planner.

Third, is Email Marketing which is very popular with marketers. Email marketing is the process of getting a customer's email and sending them carefully crafted emails about your business and guiding them with valuable content through a multi-step email sequence. Your emails' purpose is to nurture your customer which helps them become more aware of you and your brand by sending them high quality content. Email marketing has one of the highest sales conversions rates for businesses that utilize it and many businesses still miss out on this opportunity. Also, it enables you as a business owner to stay relevant to your customer and promote your product or services as well which leads to increased sales!

The top 2 email service providers (ESP) are Mailchimp and ConvertKit. Check them out and get that email sequence set up!

Leave me a comment if you use one of these 3 content distribution channels and how you use them.

Antoine Harris

Founder of Decisive Marketing Solutions

Antoine is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in teaching newbie entrepreneurs how to grow their business through organic and paid marketing strategies.

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