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Create A Strategic, Income-Producing Brand 

Completely lost when it comes to Branding?

Branding is the difference between a mediocre business and a long-lasting one! Download our FREE guide to find out exactly what you need to do establish your brand.

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Are you ready to level up your brand and create a bigger impact?

Your company's branding is a continuous process and can become outdated if you don't put in the effort to reposition branding in the marketplace as your grow in your business. Nothing hurts your sales more than a dull logo, an out of style do-it-yourself website and boring marketing collateral for your business. Your current branding has gotten you initial sales and short-lived success but in order to reach new levels of income in your business. You have to trust the professionals! At Decisive Marketing Solutions, we build beautiful and intentional brands for coaches, consultants and service professionals that increase their sales, clientele and confidence in their brand

We help passionate coaches and consultants just like you create an everlasting brand, attractive website presence, build brand awareness and stand out by positioning them as an authority in their respective field


We utilize growth marketing strategies through our branding, website design and graphic design services that amplify your business online which leads to improved visibility, highly targeted traffic and an increase in website sales.


As a Baltimore creative design agency, we take a holistic approach to understanding your problems, listening to your company goals and creating a unique strategy that will take your business to the next level!

Branding Guide

Our Services

1:1 Coaching Strategy Session

It's all about your strategy when it comes to marketing or content creation on your website especially when you are trying to nurture your leads into paying customers for your business.

Let's jump on a 1hr call via Zoom to discuss your brand, positioning, target audience and more. On this call, we will also discuss all the things you are executing accurately and what you can improve on going forward. We will go over actionable steps that you can immediately implement into your business.

Ask any business or marketing questions you have that you need help with. Gain the clarity and guidance you need to take your next steps in your growing your business today!
Brand Identity Development

Your brand is what your customers think of you and your business when your not around. It's how a business makes a customer feel. Most importantly, every business has a level of branding that customers notice. The problem is most business aren't intentional about their branding and that is where DMS comes in.  We create luxurious brands for coaches, consultants with our brand development process. We help uncover what your identity should be based on your mission, goals and so much more.

Does your business need to discover its true identity? We will develop a new brand design for your business that attracts your ideal client and that reflects the new image that you want to put out to the marketplace.
Website Design & Development

Whether you are a coach, consultant or creative service provider, we can create a luxurious website for you in Wix, Shopify or Wordpress that speaks directly to your ideal client and encompasses your brand personality.

Do you need a new website created or a complete website revamp that reflects the new level of business and clientele that you want to attract? We understand that a website is the heart of a business's online presence. It should be creative, eye-catching and mobile-responsive!

We create awesome income-producing websites for service providers just like you that feels more professional and has your customers ready to swipe their debit card on all of your offerings. 

Our Latest Projects

Graphic Design

Gear up your marketing with fresh marketing collateral that is professional and on-brand! We design beautiful and powerful graphics using design principles that will catch your customer's attention.

Do you struggle with creating content and is ready to invest in your brand? We create a multitude of marketing collateral for service providers to help them stand out in the busy marketplace.  Attract the audience that you want while providing the expertise and services! Let us handle creating the eloquent graphic design material for your business.

We create awesome income-producing graphics for service providers just like you that feels more professional and has your customers ready to swipe their debit card on all of your offerings. 

Meet Your Web Designer & Strategist

Hey I'm Antoine! I create strategic, money-producing brands and websites designed for passionate service providers. One thing I learned in my 5 years of designing amazing websites is that just having a pretty website doesn't cut it!
Website have to be built with strategy and user experience in mind (That is where I come in as your solution). I craft websites based on your specific needs and goals while cohesively mixing flawless brand design with powerful functionalities.
You can think of me as your experienced partner for your business and my sole purpose is to make the website design process seamless while incorporating as much of your personality and knowledge of your business into the project as possible.
Designing your company website should be fun, educating, stress-free, and collaborative! Click the Work With Me button below so I can learn more about you and your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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“Great communication and service. Antoine at Decisive Marketing Solutions was great."

Shawanda Alston, Owner of FutureWise Financial Services

“Very reliable. If I had an issue or concern he responded immediately and fixed any issues. I am in love with the work he did on my site and would recommend his services to anyone.” 

Robert Reddic, Author of Addiction

“Working with this young man has been insightful and open my eyes to new possibilities for my business.” 

Alondo Blackwell, Owner of Blackwell Painting & Wall Coverings